Content Management – why it’s more than just words

You will no doubt have already heard people telling you about the importance of content management in online marketing. But what does this really mean and what should you do about it?

Is Content Really King?

Whilst the world of websites seems to be dominated by technical buzzwords, we must never lose sight of the fact that most web sites are written for human consumption. Long gone are the days where you can stuff a few hundred keywords onto a site and rank on Page 1. Google and the other search engines have realised that searchers want better than that and have dramatically changed the way they serve results accordingly. So, we’ve listed some tips for you to follow to ensure your content works for both customers and search engines alike.

Creating great online content – 4 top tips

Content management can help you improve the effectiveness of your site's content1. Online content should be valuable. A valuable article may tell you something you didn’t already know or explain a subject in a clearer manner. Most small business owners are experts in their fields and can talk to customers about even the most complex issues in a way that’s easy to understand. The ‘secret’ is to translate this into appealing content to appear on your web site. Content featuring headings such as A Free Guide To…, Top 5 Tips for… and A Beginners Guide to… are popular in added-value content.

Another way to add valuable content is by providing an insider’s view to your business which differentiates you from your competitors. Imagine you’re a Lancashire online fashion businesswoman who writes an article about how she visits India every year. She points out that this is to ensure she sources best-quality cotton which makes her dresses feel nicer and keeps the colour longer. The cotton plantation is also sustainable – so she gets a tick in the green box too.

2. Online content is for sharing. Great content enjoyed by the reader is most likely to be shared with friends and colleagues. Just as you’d recommend a great place to eat or a film you’ve seen, you’re more likely to forward valuable content. And, because this content has been forwarded by a friend, the recipient is far more likely to read the content. Discount codes, exclusives and local deals are popularly shared content.

3. Online content should be relevant. There is SO MUCH content on the web that in order for consumers to really grasp what your business is about, you really must stay relevant to your business. A florist in Blackburn sending Tweets about the Chelsea Flower Show is totally relevant but opinions about Blackburn FC may be less so (unless they’re a supplier!).

Content management helps ensure your text and images are more visible to searchers4. Don’t keep your content hidden. After having spent many hours creating new content, it’s demoralising to realise that no-one has actually read it. You need to be proactive to get your content seen, whether it’s a link via Twitter or Facebook, an email to your subscribers or maybe a free press release.

Additional tips for producing great online content

– Be consistent with your content – not only can inconsistencies catch you out but consistent views and tone of voice helps define your own brand.

– Don’t produce content for content’s sake – one great article a month not a daily blog of irrelevancies.

– Write sufficient to cover your topic; Google’s Panda Update was introduced to give less prominence to web pages with ‘thin content’. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of around 400 words a page. However, if you get to 350 words and can’t think of anything more valuable to say, don’t add waffle to make it 400 words as that’s one sure way to turn off the most important people – your customers!

– Create unique content: This one is simple; do NOT copy & paste from other sites. End of story!

How Right Direction Marketing can help your content marketing

You’ve probably already got ideas on what would make great content for your site but maybe you’re not sure how to create or distribute it … or maybe you just don’t have the resources to action it. For an informal chat about how Right Direction Marketing can help your content marketing activities generate increased traffic to your site, simply drop us a line or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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