Social Media – do you need a doctor?

Is your smartphone taking over your life? When 31% of users admit to reading, writing and feeding social media whilst on the toilet, maybe now’s time to stop and think. With over a billion Facebook users, that’s an awful lot of Andrex!

An Unhealthy Social Media Infographic

Check out some interesting data in this infographic from And if you’re not sure what or whether you should be doing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the rest, contact Right Direction Marketing and maybe we can give you some help (when you’re not in the lavatory, of course).

Social media is bad for us


[…] If you’d like a no-obligation chat on how we can help your business online, including using social media without wasting your time, please contact us or call us on 01772 […]

Social Media is a Waste of Time | Right Direction Marketing | Right Direction Marketing

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