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Freelance SEO consultant helping Lancashire businesses grow

Do you have a nice-looking website but are not getting the traffic you expected? Or perhaps visitors aren’t converting on your site? Or maybe you’re confused by Google’s latest search engine optimisation (SEO) algorithms? I’m a Google-qualified freelance SEO consultant based in Preston and hold CIM and CAM Digital Marketing Diplomas. I can provide tailored, practical marketing advice to grow your business online. With over 30 years’ experience working with companies that successfully trade online or use their web site to generate leads, we’ll help you focus on the important things that will bring in sales.

Helping Lancashire businesses grow online 

Right Direction Marketing is an SEO consultancy based in Preston. We’re excited about working with people across Lancashire who want grow their businesses. Above all, we recognise that with smaller businesses, it’s usually your own money that’s been invested, so it’s really important to get it right! We’ll make it clear, simple and effective.

We work with a range of different business sectors, including travel, retail, e-commerce and B2B. Whatever business you’re in, getting more traffic to your web site is a must. Find out how we can help; contact us or call us today on 01772 774505.

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