A day without the internet

Right Direction Marketing recently changed broadband supplier and mobile operator on the same day (not that clever we realise) and ended up spending a day without the internet. Did we survive or did we head off to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot?

Our digital consultancy business, as you’d expect, offers web analytics, online research, web optimisation, emails and social media and all of this came to an abrupt halt early one February morning. Crikey, what do we do now? Rather than take a day off, we went back to doing things we were doing long before the internet was invented.

5 ways to survive a day without the internet …

1. Speak to your clients and suppliers
Calling customers on your day without the internetRather than communicating as we’d normally do via email, we actually called a number of our clients and suppliers. And the response was both positive and productive; we had proper two-way conversations about our businesses which led to a greater understanding from both sides. You may be surprised by how few of your competitors are doing this!

2. Offline Planning
A lot of planning today is done using spreadsheets together with online analytical and research tools but a day without the internet gave us a chance to take a more holistic view of business opportunities. The ‘back of an envelope’ approach helps prioritise your marketing planning – you really don’t need any more space to write your marketing vital few.

3. Properly review non-digital channels
Consider radio as an alternative channelIn the world of digital marketing, you naturally tend to focus on specific areas relevant to your business (PPC, site optimisation, link-building etc) but this day led us to fully consider how offline channels could work in combination with digital channels. Package inserts, local radio and sponsorship in particular were all given serious consideration for inclusion in future campaigns.

4. Avoid social distractions
There’s that shocking moment when you realise just how much time has been used up with online distractions. Whether it’s your personal Facebook account pinging with a new update about someone you last saw in 2005, a string of Google Alerts for a client No Facebook updates on your day without the internetyou no longer work with or yet another email alert for switching energy supplier, there’s always going to be something online that could take you away from the task in hand. Being forced to ignore all of these online distractions certainly made for a less cluttered working day.

5 E-mail clearout
Finally, if you’re one of these people who looks at the garage and says “I’ll have a clearout next weekend” then your inbox is probably still full of irrelevant and out-of-date information. Organising your inbox or just deleting old e-mails is a simple task that makes you feel so much more organised, enabling you to see the wood from the trees.

So there you are and the next day we’d be back online. Some of the bad habits came back but equally we’d discovered that the offline world isn’t such a bad place after all. How would you spend your working day offline?


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