How We Can Help Grow Your Online Business

If you’re looking for friendly, practical and effective advice on how to grow your online business in Lancashire and the North West, we’re here to help.

This is what we do:

  • Meet face-to-face to find out exactly what you want and need
  • Review your site and provide practical advice which can be implemented
  • Explain in plain English things you should be doing (eg how to get more links to your site)
  • Prioritise areas for improvement and create a detailed plan to achieve this
  • Review of your business marketing plan and suggest areas for testing and improvement
Grow your Lancashire online business

Let’s meet to discuss how we can help grow your online business.


This is what we DON’T do:

  • Copy and paste a previous proposal and find/replace your details
  • Build and design new websites (others can do that better and faster than us – but we can recommend some decent web builders if you’d like us to). Actually, that’s not quite true because we managed to build this site ourselves just to see what the process involved.
  • Set up ‘black hat’ links to your site
  • Talk digital jargon!
  • Work with hundreds of clients so you get ignored just when you need help urgently

Areas we can help with:

Web site audit

For most businesses today, a web site is the key communication channel. Right Direction Marketing can provide a full or outline review of how your site is performing, identifying and recommending areas for improvement.

See what a Website Audit covers.

Digital Marketing Planning

We will work with you to review and develop your specific marketing plans and ideas. Are you offering the right products? How can you improve margins? Do you have a detailed promotional plan? Do you know how much can you afford to spend on acquiring a new customer? How do you compare to your competitors? Right Direction Marketing will ensue the right questions are asked so you know the areas you’ll need to focus on.

How Digital Planning can help your Lancashire web business

Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your Google rankingsWe won’t (and can’t) promise to get you to #1 on Google – but that won’t stop us from trying. We’ll review what optimisation you’ve done (eg meta descriptions, title tags, internal links, keywords, content etc) and work with you to improve.

Move your Lancashire web site up the search rankings



Improve Your Web Site Conversion Rate

If you’re selling product online, one of the biggest frustrations is to see the number of visitors to your site increase but without a matching increase in sales. From analysing site usability to identifying potential bottlenecks on your site, we can work with you to convert more of your visitors into actual customers.

How we can help improve your online conversion rates


Pay Per Click Online Advertising

If you’re willing to spend money on advertising, we can set up a pay per click campaign. Pay per click is simply placing online adverts and only paying when someone clicks on the ad. The four key elements of pay per click are: (i) to ensure you attract the right people to your advert (ii) to ensure customers see something they’re expect when they land on your web site (iii) to use the best keywords to target customers and (iv) to maximise the return on investment from your campaign.

Find out more about our small business pay per click advertising advice here

Content Management

What you actually say on your web site is obviously important – but so is how you distribute it to the right audience. Right Direction Marketing can help you create online content that is great for customers and for search engines too! See our top tips on content management for your web site

Data and Digital AnalysisUse data analysis to grow your web business

The old adage “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is particularly relevant for online businesses and with free analytics packages available, there really is no excuse not to know what’s happening on your site. Right Direction Marketing will analyse what the data’s saying about your business and will highlight the key statistics you’ll need to keep an eye on.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to get other sites to promote your business – reaching relevant customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach. As you normally pay a commission on sales, it’s less risky than paid-for advertising and, if it works, is highly scaleable. Right Direction can advise on which affiliate networks to use, commissions payable and running successful affiliate promotions.

Email marketing

Increase sales from effective email marketingIf you’ve already done the hard work by building up an email database, don’t let what is potentially your most responsive group of customers go to waste by not communicating with them. We can set up an email programme for you (using tools such as the free-to-use MailChimp), enabling you to send regular newsletters with your latest offers and updates.

Social Media

With over 1.2 billion Facebook users worldwide (and one third of the UK logging on every day), who can ignore social media as a vitally important communication channel? Many businesses, though are simply asking “how can I increase sales using social media?”. We can point you in the right direction to make sure social media is working for you, rather than spending hours Tweeting just because you think it’s the right thing to do. We’ll help choose which social media channels are right for you and work with you to understand what consumers are saying about your products, your competitors and your industry. We can then work out a strategy for effectively engaging with your audience to increase visits to your site and ultimately sales.

Direct Marketing

With millions of e-commerce sites already in the UK, it’s a crowded market you’ll be competing in. Don’t ignore other traditional channels which could boost your business. Activities such as inserts and direct response advertising could prove invaluable in sending traffic to your site or selling product directly. Right Direction will review these opportunities and make recommendations tailored to your business.

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