Do you REALLY need a new web site?

Getting more website traffic is one of the biggest challenges to online businesses but the answer is not always found by building a new web site. Optimising your existing web site to attract more relevant traffic can be done without the expense of investing in a brand new site. However, let’s begin by looking at some reasons why you really might need a new web site.

5 reasons why you might need a new web site

  1. Your current website doesn’t look good on mobile

Is your website mobile-responsive?In April 2015, Google confirmed that it would favour mobile-friendly websites in its search results pages. This was known as “Mobilegeddon” and acted as a catalyst for webmasters to finally act on building a mobile-friendly site. Check if your website is mobile-friendly with this Google Mobile-friendly Test.

More importantly, more searches are now coming from mobile devices than desktops as this report from Search Engine Land confirms. Your customers are looking at your web site on smartphones and tablets so you should be wanting to present the best viewing experience for them.

  1. Wordpress CMS systemDifficult to use content management system

A second reason why you might need a new web site is if the site is becoming difficult to manage and update. If you’re using a content management system (CMS) that doesn’t allow you to easily update your site then it might be better to change to a new site with an easy CMS such as WordPress. A very practical benefit of using a system such as WordPress is the free support you can access from the members forums which make it easier to fix problems than with a more specialised or older CMS.

  1. Poor site functionality

The functionality of your website may just not be appropriate for today’s needs. Does your web site link seamlessly with your order Share content via Twitterprocessing system? Is the shopping cart easy to complete? Are your social media platforms integrated into your product pages? Check this by asking a group of your target customers to place a test order and ask them how easy or difficult it was. Look at your Google Analytics to see if lots of customers are exiting before they complete a purchase. See how many of your pages are shared on Twitter or Facebook compared to your competitors.

  1. Slow web site

Is your website really slow?A web site which is slow to load may make you think you need a new site. But have you looked at the reasons why your site is slow to load any what can be done to fix it? Are your images huge and can they be reduced in size? Is your website hosted on a small shared server in Timbuktu? Are there other technical issues slowing your site down? In general, a new site will be more efficient than the existing one but if this is the main reason why you’re changing sites, check if you can speed up your existing site first.

  1. Dreadful web design

Clients often look at design as a reason why they want a new web site. Your brand colour has changed from red to blue so you should get a new web site?? You don’t like that image of the chairman’s geeky son on the About Us page. The layout is just wrong. Whilst these may be valid triggers to build a new web site, think about how you can overcome these issues without an expensive new site. Many sites use design templates (Themes) which can be updated to change the look and feel of your site. Some may even allow your site to become mobile-responsive.

Get your website seen in Google

Whether you decide on building a new web site or carry on with your existing site, the most important thing is getting it seen on Google (and other search engines). Use our free web audit tool to check how your site is performing for a particular keyword. You can even compare your web site against a competitor’s site.

Right Direction Marketing are an SEO consultancy based in Preston, Lancashire and we help businesses improve their online performance. If you’d like a no-obligation chat on how we can help your business online, please contact us or call us on 01772 774505.





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