Online queries – how do you respond to them?

As an SEO consultant based in Preston, I work with my Lancashire clients to help attract more quality visitors to their web sites. “More relevant visitors equals more online sales” I tell them – and for my clients this is the case. However, attracting visitors to your web site is just the start of the customer’s journey; how you go about responding to online queries is equally as important.

Online queries need quick responses

It’s surprising (and shocking) when all the work involved in generating leads from your website sometimes goes to waste when these online enquiries are ignored. A client recently told me that she had no idea where enquiries from her site’s Contact Us form were sent. That’s potential customers who are reaching out to talk to you … and you’re ignoring them!

How well do UK Law firms respond to online queries?

Of course, the quality of online customer service varies considerably across different sectors, with some companies responding instantly and others taking weeks. But what about Law firms? You’d imagine that with the potential for significant fees involved, Law firms would provide a fast and efficient response to all online queries. A recent survey* by mystery shopping experts Shopper Anonymous highlights some serious online customer service issues within the UK Law firm market. The study involved 85 firms and the findings of over 400 one-to-one client experiences.

How do Law firms respond to online queries

Key findings:
Overall website enquiry experience
In total, only 88% of Law firms actually responded to the online enquiry
24% of firms spoke to the client
Only 6% of firms followed up on the original enquiry

Poor response times
35% of web enquiries were responded to within 4 hours but the same percentage weren’t responded to for over 2 days! Imagine receiving a query for handling a £50M estate – sure, we’ll get back to you in a few days’ time, no rush!

Some good examples of online customer service

But amongst some of the poor statistics, there are equally some examples of really good customer service.

Within 5 minutes of sending the “request for a call back” enquiry my phone rang.

I was very pleased with the way I had been treated by this company. I was impressed by the speed of their response. The solicitor was friendly and professional and all the information she gave me was easy to understand.

But some were irritated by small yet easily-fixed usability issues.

There was no mention of a street name and when I scrolled down the ‘How to Find Us’ section, I expected to see a map or directions, but neither were present.

How does your business respond to web queries?

So, how does your business respond the online queries? I’m sure you care – but do you really know? Feel free to share your online customer service experiences (good and bad).

If you’d like a chat about how you can improve your customer online experience, including responding to enquiries, please call on 01772 774505 or contact Right Direction Marketing today (we promise to respond!). Remember, an online enquiry is only worth getting if someone responds to it in an appropriate and timely fashion.



* The Client Journey Project; How good are the UK’s Law firms at handling professional enquiries? Shopper Anonymous (2016)


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