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Use the tool below to get a free website audit for your own site. Right Direction Marketing will send you a summary report highlighting what you’re doing well and what improvements you can make to get more traffic to your web site.

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See how well a specific web page, landing page or blog post is optimised for your chosen keywords (words or phrases you expect potential customers to find you for on Google).

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    What your free web audit checklist report contains:

    Your personalised report will cover the following areas and provide helpful hints on how to improve your site’s rankings on search engines:

    • Site speed:  what’s affecting how quickly your site opens
    • url: is this SEO-friendly?
    • Tags: are these being used correctly and are they keyword-friendly?
    • Images: is Google seeing what you’re expecting it to see?
    • Keywords: what words and phrases are you expecting your site to appear for?
    • Technical: are there any issues with your sites coding?
    • Social media: is this correctly set up on your web site?
    • Link analysis: are other quality sites linking to yours?

    Free website audit checker

    You can perform many of the improvements yourself but if you’d like any help, please do get in touch.

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