SEO friendly urls; the ultimate guide

Before you post that latest blog or add any new content to your website, spare some time to ensure you have SEO friendly urls. Making your urls SEO friendly will have benefits for how your website appears in search engines. urls with logical structures will also create a better impression for the most important visitors to your site – human beings!

SEO friendly urls: a helpful guide to creating them.

This infographic from SearchEngineLand guides you through the complete process. It includes:

  • how to structure your urls
  • how to incorporate keywords
  • advice on top level domains (TLD’s)
  • regional targeting
  • what characters to use – and those to avoid


The ultimate guide to SEO-friendly URLs – An infographic by the team at Search Engine Land

Don’t forget, your url structure is an area of your website that you have total control of, so don’t waste this opportunity to make them loved by Google and your site visitors.


If you’d like advice on how to improve the urls on your website, get in touch with our SEO consultancy and we’ll be pleased to help.


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