Why Ranking For Number One Is Important

It’s pretty obvious everyone wants to be ranking for number one. You didn’t, for example, hear Debbie Harry singing I want to be your number two. Or a programme entitled Almost Top of the Pops. As I write this article, there’s an awful lot of people aiming for a number one spot.

Boris Johnson is in a race to be number one politician in the country and lead us out of this Brexit mess (actually he’d be living at Number 10 but that’s just semantics). England’s cricketers are competing in the ICC Cricket World Cup, looking to be the No. 1 team in the world and lift that coveted trophy. And on TV, Love Island’s Arabella Chi is hoping to be voted number 1 so she can win the accolade of her peers and maybe benefit from some lucrative commercial deal. Good luck to them all.

Why getting to Number One Is Important

In the online world, you often hear SEO consultants talking about “getting you to number one” on Google. But what exactly does that mean and why is it so important? Well, from a simple numbers perspective, getting to Number 1 on Google is really important. According to one recent report the share of clicks is around 20% for Position 1 – that’s almost twice that of Position 2. And with more businesses paying attention to their Local Listings plus the position of Google Ads, organic search results are being pushed further down the page and therefore getting to that position 1 increases in importance.

For Right Direction Marketing, a term such as SEO Consultant Preston is important since it concisely sums up what I do. I’m not a big agency with lots of staff so very large businesses with say £100M+ turnover are more likely to approach a larger digital agency for advice. So whilst SEO Agency Preston doesn’t deliver too many leads, SEO Consultant Preston is an important search term and continues to attract new clients for me.

Tips For Ranking For Number One

So, if getting to number one is important, how do you achieve that? Regretfully, if the answer could be summarised in a 500-word article then we could all retire. Factors such as competitiveness of the term influence how easy or difficult it would be to rank #1. However, here are some tips on helping you achieve that ranking:

Keyword research

Do this properly or you’re stuffed! Find out what potential customers are typing (or increasingly speaking via voice search) into Google. Consider what phrases customers wanting to buy your product might put into Google, rather than simply doing a bit of random online research. Size 15 collar white shirt with blue stripes free delivery is far more likely to be from someone with a specific purchasing requirement than someone searching more generically for mens shirts.

Prioritise your targeted keywords

Unless you have unlimited time, you’ll need to prioritise which search terms you want to optimise for. As a practical tip, begin by focussing on just five keywords and target getting more traffic from those before expanding into other keywords. Start by putting these keywords (and close variations) into the Title Tags and H1 Tags of the relevant page on your website. Ensure they are included in the body text and where appropriate in the image’s Alt Text. Simple and basic as this is, it is the first step to help you rank higher.

Measure your rankings

Use Google Analytics and Search Console to track impressions and visits from these keywords. Are they increasing? Are they leading to sales? Open an Incognito Window in your browser to check where you’re appearing in the search results – and track these over time, say every month.

Get there and Stay There!

Of course an SEO Consultant will do all of this for you (and much, much more). However, there’s plenty you can do yourself to help you move up to that magic Number 1 position. And don’t forget, getting there is just the start of the process. Any competitor tracking their keywords properly will see if they’re losing ranking and will act accordingly. So be prepared to fight to keep ahead of the competition.

Good luck in ranking for Number One!


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